ProSnore 2: An Honest Review from an Actual User

December 23, 2015

ProSnore 2 An Honest Review from an Actual UserIf you liked the original ProSnore, then you will absolutely love ProSnore 2. It follows the same concept and mechanism that dentists use when creating customized mouthpieces for snoring. Its creator is Dr. Gregerson, himself a dentist, with over 3 decades of dental practice.

For those who haven’t tried any ProSnore device before, it requires customization so it will fit your mouth. Remember that every set of teeth is unique and has a different structure. The creators of ProSnore wants the device to fit properly for every customer.
When your ProSnore 2 package arrives in the mail, it will contain a molding clay, teeth trays and some instructions. Before you can actually use your ProSnore 2, you have to follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to use the impression kit to create impressions of both your upper and lower teeth. The kit comes with two trays and the molding clay needs to be placed inside each one. Insert the tray in your upper and lower teeth and then take an impression.
  1. Once done, remove it and place the mold inside the original packaging. You need to mail it back to the manufacturer for it to be sent to their laboratory. They will then create your mouthpiece.
  1. You should receive your ProSnore stop snoring device in approximately 2-3 weeks after you mailed the package. Make sure to check if it’s the right fit.

Overall, the entire customization process takes about 4 weeks.

Prosnore 1 vs Prosnore 2

Both mouthpieces have the same professional molding. The main distinct advantage that ProSnore 2 has over the original version is that it comes with snap settings which enable you to choose just how far you want your jaw to move forward. It uses hook and loop mechanism so you can make micro adjustments. This two-piece design makes it different from the original ProSnore.

On the other hand, the original ProSnore also has one advantage over ProSnore II. With the original, the lower jaw can be moved beyond the upper jaw so it’s secured in the front of your teeth and is placed ahead of your upper jaw.

The original mechanism works just fine and you can make small adjustments so that your jaw can move forward little by little. This is somewhat similar to the expensive devices you can get at your doctor’s clinic. Some people have a rather large overbite and would make it quite uncomfortable to move their jaws forward using extreme measures.

In terms of aesthetics, the ProSnore 2 is different. While the original was available in off-white shade, the new ProSnore 2 comes in clear material hence making it more appealing.

Finally, and this is very important for some people, ProSnore 2 has air holes which enable users to breathe through their mouth. While the original version can only accommodate breathing through the nose, the new one offers better breathing.

Price of Prosnore 2

The ProSnore II costs about $20 more than the original ProSnore I. The original can be purchased for $119.99 and so if you’re more interested in the new version, you just need to pay $139.99. This already includes all shipping charges (from the mailing of the kit to the shipping to the lab and back).

Actual reviews of ProSnore 2

There are many ProSnore 2 reviews that you can find online, from Amazon, eBay and even in various forums that focus on sleep apnea and snoring problems. Generally speaking, the reviews seem to agree that this product is a decent snoring device that you can easily purchase online.

A lot of the users like the fact that it can be fitted by means of a custom impression as compared to the usual boil and bite devices that may or may not fit them at all. Moreover, many of the reviews say that it’s very comfortable to wear the ProSnore 2 and it doesn’t take long before they’re able to get used to it and sleep soundly while wearing it. In fact, many have reported that they have stopped snoring on the first night that they’ve used this device whereas others still need to make numerous adjustments to their snoring device (if they aren’t using ProSnore) before they could finally stop snoring.

However, there are some customer complaints about the price of ProSnore 2. After all, it is more expensive than most commercially available snoring devices in the market. The price is prohibitive and not everyone can afford to shell out $140 for this oral appliance.

Finally, some have also complained that the entire process to get the mouthpiece custom-fitted takes long. Although the complaint does make sense, buyers are always notified about the duration of time it will take for them to receive and be able to use their ProSnore 2 device.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The bottom line is, products like ProSnore 2 are hard to come by. In fact, with the exception of ProSnore 1, it’s one of a kind. It offers a lot in just one package and you can really get a mouthpiece that’s customized to fit your mouth perfectly. Although some people may be turned off by the price, those who can afford it will surely be happy with their purchase.

With ProSnore 2, what you get is a product that effectively stops your snoring in a way that is comfortable and convenient. Moreover, it doesn’t get in the way of your breathing because its air holes make it possible for you to breathe through your mouth.

I would definitely recommend ProSnore to anyone who is looking for an anti snoring device that works. It’s very much like what a dentist would create for you except that it costs a lot cheaper.

On the other hand, if you think that the price is too high for a device such as this and if you can’t wait weeks to get your mouthpiece, then check out my other top recommendations for snoring mouthpieces right HERE.

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