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The Good and Bad Of Using a Snoring Mouthpiece as Cure for Snoring

December 29, 2015

The Good and Bad Of Using a Snoring Mouthpiece as Cure for SnoringThere are lots of reasons why people are looking for a cure for snoring. It might seem petty but studies have shown that snoring can cause marital problems.

Snoring is a condition in which the throat tissues cause vibration especially in the soft palate and uvula when a person is a asleep.

The blockage of a person’s airway causes them to experience difficulty in breathing. Moreover, it produces a loud and irritating sound when they’re asleep.

Snoring can be caused by many factors such as a weakness in the muscles of the throat, nasal passageway obstruction and excessive intake of drugs like sedatives and substances such as alcohol. It can also be because of a condition called obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring causes irritability, drowsiness, and lack of sleep which may affect not only the person snoring but also those who sleep with them such as their spouse.

Because of this, more and more people are seeking a cure for snoring. Some people use snoring remedies and drugs, while others opt for machines like the CPAP. In extreme measures, they may resort to surgery.

The problem with the abovementioned cures for snoring is that they are expensive. Not many people can afford them. Besides, the idea of undergoing surgery is not exactly comforting.

It is for this reason that snorers are now opting for oral snoring appliances. Such mouthpieces have been designed to cure snoring however they do have their own advantages and drawbacks. Before we proceed though, let me just emphasize the need for a doctor’s opinion if you suspect you have sleep apnea. Understand that this condition can be life threatening so a medical professional’s assessment and recommendation is necessary.

Advantages of Snoring Mouthpieces

Here are the main benefits you can get when you choose a snoring mouthpiece:

  1. These devices are very effective.

While not all of these mouthpieces work, for the most part, they do. People with snoring problems not brought about by any underlying condition can benefit greatly from snoring appliances. They help in different ways but focus mostly on stopping the vibrations in your uvula and soft palate.

Here are the main reasons why the soft palate becomes loose and relaxed when we sleep:

1) Alcohol Consumption

2) Age

3) Obesity or Being Overweight

4) Frequent Smoking

5) Sleeping Position

6) Use of Drugs or Sedatives

In majority of cases, it is the looseness or weakness of the soft palate that makes people snore. And this is why a device called MAD or mandibular adjustment device works very well.

It works by tightening your throat muscles, and preventing your soft palate from causing blockage in the passage airway.

2) They’re safe.

Is it possible to solve your snoring problem without surgery? YES. In fact, surgery should only be deemed as a last resort. For over 3 decades, snoring mouthpieces have been used to effectively put an end to snoring. They don’t require a medical prescription and you can buy them online for just a hundred bucks or so. The best part is, using a snoring mouthpiece is safe. Just make sure you follow the instructions in the package.

3) They’re cheaper compared to the ones you can buy at your doctor’s office.

Anti snoring devices that are custom fitted and can be bought only at your doctor’s clinic are expensive and they can cost around $1,500 or more. Surgery is expensive too. However, the ones that are commercially available are more affordable and you can buy one for as low as $50 although I don’t recommend you get the very cheap ones as they are less effective.

You can find manufacturers that create mouthpieces with custom fitting features for a lot less than $1,500. They cost anywhere from $100 to $200 and they’re durable, effective, adjustable and will fit great.

Take a look at the price of alternative snoring solutions and compare them with the more effective snoring mouthpieces:

– Nose rings, chin straps, throat sprays, nasal strips, anti-snoring pillows, nose cones, herbal supplements, etc. – $10++

– OTC snore mouthpieces – $40++

– Custom fitted devices from doctors – $500 – 1500++

– Laser-Assisted Uvuloplasty (or LAUP): $1500++

– Pillar Procedure: anywhere from $1500 to $3000++

– Somnoplasty: anywhere from $2000 to 3000++

– Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP): upwards of $5500

To get more value for your money, I strongly suggest you check out snoring mouthpieces to stop snoring, which have been proven time and time again to work in eliminating common snoring problems.

The Disadvantages of Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

Of course there are also drawbacks to this option. These include:

1) It Won’t Cure All Snoring Problems

For most snoring problems, anti snoring mouthpieces work great. However, if your snoring is a symptom of a dangerous condition called sleep apnea, then you need to see a doctor so they can prescribe the proper treatment.

Obstructive sleep apnea will cause some pauses or shallow breathing when you are asleep and prevents you from getting a deep slumber. This is why when you wake up you feel tired, sluggish and easily upset.

Some people have severe sleep apnea and they often wake up gasping for air. Do make sure you seek treatment as soon as possible if you suspect you have this disorder.

  1. It May Cause Mild Side Effects

Due to the fact that you will be placing a piece of plastic inside your mouth, your body might react to it. You may experience side effects or “reactions” such as dry mouth, excessive saliva and some discomfort in your jaw and teeth. Over time, such effects will go away.

3) It May Take Some Getting Used to

Using a snoring device takes commitment and discipline. You have to commit to using it every night if you want to cure your snoring problem.


Snoring mouthpieces are generally effective to treat your snoring problem. But make sure you choose carefully so that you can get the most value for your money. Check the label and follow the instructions. Stay away from cheap, one size fits all type of device and instead opt for those that can be adjusted.

Not sure which product to get? Then take a look at my reviews of cure snoring devices which I have tried and wholly recommend.

Don’t know which snoring mouthpiece to choose?

Best Stop Snoring Solutions That Really Work

December 27, 2015

Best Stop Snoring Solutions That Really WorkFor many years, snoring was a problem in my home. It’s a problem that I deal with, and something that my wife has had to bear because her sleep was always interrupted by my loud snoring. Those of you who have the same problem know what I’m talking about.

So to avoid the increasing tension between husband and wife, I had to find a solution and fast. I researched and experimented with various stop snoring solutions to find out which among them would work for me.

In my research, I came across numerous products such as throat sprays, chin straps, nasal strips, stop-snoring pillows and homeopathic remedies. Take a look at the following over the counter stop snoring products available now:

  1. Snoring Pillows

You can use a memory foam pillow that will give enough support to your head so that air can flow properly in your airways. There are also stop snoring pillows like Snore No More, Sonar Pillow and Brookstone that will enable you to sleep on one side instead of lying on your back.

  1. Snoring Nose Strips

If you’ve tried pillows and they didn’t work for you then you may be interested in nose strips such as Breathe Right. They work up opening up your airways to avoid sinus blockage or a blocked nose.

  1. Anti Snoring Rings

Acupressure has been known to cure a wide array of ailments. Now it’s been purported to stop snoring. Anti snoring rings use acupressure except that they don’t use needles. All you need to do is to wear the ring on your finger (pinky) and it will alleviate your problem.

  1. Airway Pressure Strips

This functions somewhat like a CPAP machine that you can buy without a prescription. It looks like a bandage that you place under your nose so that it creates airway pressure to open up your nasal airways.

  1. Snoring Chin Straps

These devices function by holding your lower jaw and pushing it forward. It tightens your throat and then prevents snoring sound that is usually produced in the throat. One good example of this is My Snoring Solution.

6) Rollover Prevention Device

You can wear this device around your chest and will create a wedged position on your back so that you won’t rollover. For some people, this would stop their snoring problem.

So as you can clearly see, there are numerous options when it comes to stop snoring solutions. But I needed to find one that will really work for me so that I can finally sleep in the same room and bed as my wife!

I read tons of articles and reviews about these products. Somehow, after reading so many materials I got scared and became doubtful of whether these products really worked. I set an appointment with my doctor because I wanted to get a professional medical opinion on the matter and I also wanted to be checked if I may have sleep apnea.

Fortunately, my doctor told me it’s not sleep apnea and that my only issue is snoring. He gave me a few suggestions:

  1. He told me not to sleep on my back.
  2. Advised me to cut down my alcohol consumption and avoid sedatives.
  3. He also recommended that I try using a customized mandibular adjustment device or MAD.

I got really curious about MADs so I asked him more questions about it. He explained that these devices work simply by placing a mouthpiece that will push my lower jaw forward. Doing so will tighten throat muscles which in turn will stop the vibrations in the throat when air passes in the airways.

Great! This product will surely work for me, I thought.

But there’s just one problem: the price.

The darn thing costs at least $1,500!

So I thought about it and decided to instead look for an oral mouthpiece that works in the same way but cheaper. I began searching online to see if there are similar MADs for snoring that I could buy. I was surprised to find out that there are actually many brands being sold online and they cost anywhere from $35 to $200. Can you imagine the huge price difference?

The products had different features depending on the brand and manufacturer.

  • Some have features that enable you to adjust the snoring mouthpiece so that it fits you well.
  • Some are only available in one size and no way for you to adjust.
  • Some mouthpieces have breathing holes so you can breathe through your mouth.
  • Some are boil and bite devices that you can somehow customize to fit your teeth.
  • And then there are those that come with a mold where you can fit your mouth and then send it back to a laboratory so that they can create a custom fitted mouthpiece.

You have to consider so many things before buying a stop snoring solution. But for most people (myself included) comfort and the right fit are what matters the most.

Try to avoid the cheaper products because they are mostly made of flimsy or poor quality materials. Stay away from one size fits all products because they’re not really very effective and can even pose a danger when you sleep.

Why are Snoring Mouthpieces More Effective than OTC Snoring Solutions?

The main drawback of OTC snoring solutions is that they don’t solve the root cause of your problem: the looseness of throat muscles. With MADs, your throat muscles are tightened thus preventing snoring. Chinstraps may have the same idea but they do not push your lower jaw forward so it’s not as effective in tightening the throat.

If you are really bent on finding a stop snoring solution that works, here are your options:

  1. Mandibular adjustment devices:

Boil and bite

Adjustable (SnoreRx and Vitalsleep)

Custom Fitted

Hinged Jaw (Zquiet)

  1. Tongue Stabilizing Devices

One example would be Good Morning Snore Solution which is truly effective.

Do take a look at my snoring mouthpiece comparison chart where I have reviewed some of the best stop snoring products available today.

What You Need to Know About Over-The-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices Being Sold in Large Retail Stores

December 25, 2015

What You Need to Know About Over-The-Counter Anti-Snoring Devices Being Sold in Large Retail StoresSnoring is usually harmless. Some people snore because they had a very tiring day in the office. Others do so because they lacked sleep the last several days. However, snoring can be a huge problem for others. That’s because they are unable to get a good night’s sleep since they’re constantly awakened by their own snoring. Worse, even their partners can’t sleep well due to the noise.

Those who have a snoring problem often go to large retail stores or drug stores to find a solution. They buy nasal strips, OTC throat sprays, pills, herbs and chinstraps. But do these work as well as stop snoring mouthpieces?


People who are bent on finding a snoring solution go for mandibular adjustment devices or MADs. If you try and look for them online, they’re widely available. But they’re not available at your local drug store or retail store because in the United States, these products are regulated and restricted for sale in brick and mortar establishments. Other countries are more fortunate, since they allow for OTC sale of such snoring devices.

The US FDA has classified MADs as class II medical products and this is why these MADs are not being sold in large retail stores. This agency believes that such snoring aids should only be prescribed and sold in medical clinics or by medical practitioners. That’s because they want to make sure that people who suffer from sleep apnea should seek professional advice instead of just buying snoring mouthguards over the counter.

Are Online Shops Selling Snoring Mouthguards Legit?

Well, there are two kinds of online shops that sell snoring devices on the Internet: those who are operating legally and those who aren’t. You see, legal manufacturers of snoring mouthguards take advantage of the FDA’s guidelines as stated in Exemptions from Adequate Directions for Use. This particular exemption entails having to require buyers to fill out a questionnaire to determine their health status prior to ordering. Buyers can only purchase the device if they answer the questions in the form correctly.

But as we’ve mentioned, there are those who are selling mouthguards illegally and they are those who do not require their customers to fill out the form. They also try to label their product as an anti teeth grinding device instead of a snoring mouthpiece.

Can I Buy a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece in Walgreens, Walmart or CVS?

You can try to find teeth grinding mouthguards in these stores or you can buy the usual OTC solutions like chinstraps and nasal strips. However, they are less effective than MADs or TSDs. You can’t buy an anti snoring mouthpiece at these stores.

Check out my articles that discuss in detail the good and bad of using a mouthpiece.

Your better option is to simply shop for these mouthpieces online. I’ve tested several snoring devices and you can check them out here. In general though, I consider Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) to be the most effective and is very popular compared to other boil and bite devices.

A Word of Caution: Sleep Apnea and Snoring

But before you start shopping for a mouthguard, I just want to talk about snoring and its connection to sleep apnea. Snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that can be serious and even fatal. If you think you have this condition, your best course of action is to see a doctor who can make a proper diagnosis and provide the right treatment.

The question you probably want to ask is: should I buy a mouthpiece from my dentist or buy a snoring mouthpiece online?

Here are the key differences between these two options:

  1. FIT

Majority of snoring mouthguards you can buy online use the boil and bite concept. This means you need to place your mouthpiece in a container filled with hot water, and then once it is soft, you should bite it to create a customized mold. Place it in cold water so that it is able to retain its shape.

Custom-fitted mouthpieces on the other hand have better fit because they are really aligned with your teeth and gums. Once your dentist has determined your teeth and gum shape and size, the mold will be taken to a laboratory so that they can create a custom impression of your upper and lower teeth. Your dentist can also check if the mouthpiece fits your mouth well and if not, they will make some adjustments.


Not all products that you buy online can be adjusted. There are those that can, such as Snorerx which has this feature. If you want a good snoring device, make sure to choose one that is adjustable.


Quality custom fit mouthpieces can last several years depending on how often you use it and how well you take care of it. They are made with a material called thermoplastic which is similar to dentures. On the other hand, OTC mouthpieces can last between 3 to 12 months, although high quality ones may last a little longer. Avoid buying cheap, flimsy and low quality mouthpieces because you will only end up paying more for replacements.

  1. PRICE

Custom fit mouthpieces are more expensive and can cost upwards of $1,000. Those you can buy online are more affordable. You can buy a good quality one for anywhere between $80 to $200 although you can buy others for as low as $35.

Some Issues with Buying Snoring Mouthpieces Online

First off, there is no dentist who can adjust and fit your mouthpiece for you. So that means you can’t really get a complete customization for your snoring device. However, while these criticisms are warranted, not everyone can afford to shell out $1,000 to $2,000 on a custom fitted snoring solution.

Mind you, not all snoring devices are terrible. In fact, you can check out my top recommendations HERE for the best OTC snoring mouthpieces you can buy online.

As a reminder, if you think you have sleep apnea, it’s a good idea to seek help from a doctor or dentist. Snoring devices may help solve your snoring problem but it’s safer to get a medical professional’s assessment first instead of self diagnosing.

ProSnore 2: An Honest Review from an Actual User

December 23, 2015

ProSnore 2 An Honest Review from an Actual UserIf you liked the original ProSnore, then you will absolutely love ProSnore 2. It follows the same concept and mechanism that dentists use when creating customized mouthpieces for snoring. Its creator is Dr. Gregerson, himself a dentist, with over 3 decades of dental practice.

For those who haven’t tried any ProSnore device before, it requires customization so it will fit your mouth. Remember that every set of teeth is unique and has a different structure. The creators of ProSnore wants the device to fit properly for every customer.
When your ProSnore 2 package arrives in the mail, it will contain a molding clay, teeth trays and some instructions. Before you can actually use your ProSnore 2, you have to follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to use the impression kit to create impressions of both your upper and lower teeth. The kit comes with two trays and the molding clay needs to be placed inside each one. Insert the tray in your upper and lower teeth and then take an impression.
  1. Once done, remove it and place the mold inside the original packaging. You need to mail it back to the manufacturer for it to be sent to their laboratory. They will then create your mouthpiece.
  1. You should receive your ProSnore stop snoring device in approximately 2-3 weeks after you mailed the package. Make sure to check if it’s the right fit.

Overall, the entire customization process takes about 4 weeks.

Prosnore 1 vs Prosnore 2

Both mouthpieces have the same professional molding. The main distinct advantage that ProSnore 2 has over the original version is that it comes with snap settings which enable you to choose just how far you want your jaw to move forward. It uses hook and loop mechanism so you can make micro adjustments. This two-piece design makes it different from the original ProSnore.

On the other hand, the original ProSnore also has one advantage over ProSnore II. With the original, the lower jaw can be moved beyond the upper jaw so it’s secured in the front of your teeth and is placed ahead of your upper jaw.

The original mechanism works just fine and you can make small adjustments so that your jaw can move forward little by little. This is somewhat similar to the expensive devices you can get at your doctor’s clinic. Some people have a rather large overbite and would make it quite uncomfortable to move their jaws forward using extreme measures.

In terms of aesthetics, the ProSnore 2 is different. While the original was available in off-white shade, the new ProSnore 2 comes in clear material hence making it more appealing.

Finally, and this is very important for some people, ProSnore 2 has air holes which enable users to breathe through their mouth. While the original version can only accommodate breathing through the nose, the new one offers better breathing.

Price of Prosnore 2

The ProSnore II costs about $20 more than the original ProSnore I. The original can be purchased for $119.99 and so if you’re more interested in the new version, you just need to pay $139.99. This already includes all shipping charges (from the mailing of the kit to the shipping to the lab and back).

Actual reviews of ProSnore 2

There are many ProSnore 2 reviews that you can find online, from Amazon, eBay and even in various forums that focus on sleep apnea and snoring problems. Generally speaking, the reviews seem to agree that this product is a decent snoring device that you can easily purchase online.

A lot of the users like the fact that it can be fitted by means of a custom impression as compared to the usual boil and bite devices that may or may not fit them at all. Moreover, many of the reviews say that it’s very comfortable to wear the ProSnore 2 and it doesn’t take long before they’re able to get used to it and sleep soundly while wearing it. In fact, many have reported that they have stopped snoring on the first night that they’ve used this device whereas others still need to make numerous adjustments to their snoring device (if they aren’t using ProSnore) before they could finally stop snoring.

However, there are some customer complaints about the price of ProSnore 2. After all, it is more expensive than most commercially available snoring devices in the market. The price is prohibitive and not everyone can afford to shell out $140 for this oral appliance.

Finally, some have also complained that the entire process to get the mouthpiece custom-fitted takes long. Although the complaint does make sense, buyers are always notified about the duration of time it will take for them to receive and be able to use their ProSnore 2 device.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The bottom line is, products like ProSnore 2 are hard to come by. In fact, with the exception of ProSnore 1, it’s one of a kind. It offers a lot in just one package and you can really get a mouthpiece that’s customized to fit your mouth perfectly. Although some people may be turned off by the price, those who can afford it will surely be happy with their purchase.

With ProSnore 2, what you get is a product that effectively stops your snoring in a way that is comfortable and convenient. Moreover, it doesn’t get in the way of your breathing because its air holes make it possible for you to breathe through your mouth.

I would definitely recommend ProSnore to anyone who is looking for an anti snoring device that works. It’s very much like what a dentist would create for you except that it costs a lot cheaper.

On the other hand, if you think that the price is too high for a device such as this and if you can’t wait weeks to get your mouthpiece, then check out my other top recommendations for snoring mouthpieces right HERE.

ProSnore Review: Does It Cure Sleep Apnea And Snoring?

December 22, 2015

ProSnore Review Does It Cure Sleep Apnea And SnoringProSnore is a custom fitted MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) mouthpiece created by Dr. Gregerson. Buyers can get their MAD customized in a lab when they buy ProSnore, and this particular feature is what sets it apart from other commercially available products in the market.

ProSnore will mail you a custom mold kit which comes with a molding clay and a set of teeth trays. Follow the instructions in the label and then after you’ve made impressions on the molding clay, you will need to mail it back to them so they can create your mouthpiece in their lab. The device will then be mailed to you within 2-3 weeks.

This product’s jaw advancement feature is unlike any other. While most anti snoring devices use the upper teeth to push the lower jaw forward, with ProSnore your lower set of teeth are fitted into the device’s protruding extension and secured in your upper teeth and at the front of your gyms. In doing so, your throat muscles are tightened preventing your airway from being blocked. With this kind of mechanism, ProSnore is a lot less bulky than most mouthpieces and is also much more comfortable to wear.

ProSnore was released in 2007 and it’s still very popular to this day. It’s one of the pioneering anti snoring devices and has been around longer than most.

Does ProSnore Treat Sleep Apnea?

When you go to the ProSnore website, you will find that its manufacturer does suggest that this device can treat sleep apnea and snoring. However, keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to seek medical advice if you suffer from sleep apnea. While anti snoring devices like ProSnore have been found to work in treating sleep apnea when observed in a clinical setting, this condition can be potentially life threatening hence the need for medical consultation.

Opting for self diagnosis and treatment when you have sleep apnea can be risky and dangerous. So, if you have been diagnosed with the condition or suspect that you have it, see a doctor first before deciding to use ProSnore or any similar device for that matter.

How Much is ProSnore?

ProSnore price (retail) is $119.99 so you could say it’s not exactly cheap. However, it does come with free shipping. And if you consider just how convenient and effective it is, it may be worth the price.

ProSnore Reviews From Real Users

“I’m very happy with the product. The price is fair for the quality that ProSnore has. It doesn’t cause sensitivity to my teeth which is something I have to endure with other anti snoring products. I highly recommend it.” – Mary Wagner

“Looking for a good anti snoring device has been a long and difficult journey for me. I’ve spent so much money trying many different products and most of them always gave me problems. Not ProSnore though. I absolutely love this one.” – Chris Bergner

My ProSnore Review

In my opinion, there is no perfect anti snoring product but there are several things that I really like about the original ProSnore.

First of all, this device was created by an actual dentist (Dr. Gregerson). As such, he knows what snoring individuals need and how to treat snoring. After all, he has the experience and the skills to create an effective product.

Secondly, ProSnore is the only one of its kind. It enables you to have a custom fitted mouthpiece, made in an actual laboratory to ensure that it will really fit your mouth, teeth and gums. This prevents discomfort and increases the effectiveness of the product.

ProSnore has does not have an upper tray so it’s less bulky and more comfortable for the wearer.

It’s been around for many years – 7 to be precise. While most snoring mouth guards come and go, this one has been around for a very long time and that tells you that it really works.

While it is more expensive than other commercially available products, at $120 you are paying only a third of what an oral appliance made in a dentist’s clinic would cost.

ProSnore Cons

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there is no perfect product. At least not in the area of snoring mouthpieces. With ProSnore, it doesn’t let you breathe freely through your mouth. You have to breathe through your nose which can be a problem if you are used to breathing through your mouth when you sleep. If this is the case, you can always choose ProSnore II which comes with breathing holes.

Overall, I am impressed with the original ProSnore. Sure it has its shortcomings but it works well. Those who have tried using this device rave about how great it is.


If you are willing to spend $120 on an anti snoring mouthpiece and are willing to wait several weeks until you’ll be able to use it, then I strongly urge you to buy ProSnore. Check out the official ProSnore website for more info and also to buy this product.

However, if you would rather spend less on a snoring device and you want to be able to start using it right away, then Good Morning Snore Solution is a great alternative. I’ve tried this device myself and I’m quite happy with it.

GMSS can be used right away as it comes in just 1 size and the fit is pretty spot on too. It uses a different approach to stop snoring, as it uses the TSD concept (tongue stabilizing device) which works just as well as MADs. Plus, because it’s a tongue stabilizer it doesn’t take a lot of room inside your mouth.

For other recommendations of the best anti snoring devices, please check out this post.

Zquiet Review: Is There a Better Alternative?

December 20, 2015

Zquiet Review Is There a Better AlternativeStatistics show that about a third of American adults have a snoring problem. And obviously, snoring can be quite annoying. It will not only affect the snorer, but it also has an impact on those who live with this person. If you snore frequently, then finding a remedy is important.

There are many snoring remedies available in the market. But your choice is dependent on the cause of your snoring. In general, treatment involves clearing the airway which has been blocked by tissues and consequently cause vibrations in the throat. If the cause of your snoring is the fatty tissues in the throat area, then the best solution is to try to lose weight to prevent fat from pressing the inside of your throat.
On the other hand, if you snore due to excessive smoking then naturally you need to get rid of this bad habit. Smoking weakens and clogs your throat and most people with this problem are advised to change your sleeping position.

If being able to make some lifestyle changes is not possible, then you should consider using nasal sprays, strips, clips and pillows designed to stop snoring. However, severe cases may be required to under surgery.

But due to the cost of snoring remedies, a lot of people just choose to bear with the effects of the condition than spend a fortune on treatment. Fortunately, that’s no longer a problem today with the introduction of a snoring device called Zquiet.

Zquiet is one of the most affordable snoring solution right now. But is it really effective? Let’s find out in this Zquiet review.

My ZQuiet Review

Many reviews online prove that Zquiet really works. It’s designed to hold the jaw so as to prevent snoring. It’s made in the US and marketed in Asia, and when someone uses it, his jaw is pushed forward so that it won’t block the airway.

Admittedly, many snoring remedies function in the same way. However, what makes Zquiet different from the rest is that it has the Living Hinge Technology which enables it to work without obstructing the natural breathing process. You can still have movements in your mouth even when you use this device.

With this technology, a user can breathe comfortable through their mouth when they sleep. Moreover, you can use it straight from the box although I would recommend that you trim its edges first to get a perfect fit.

Another thing that makes Zquiet really nice is that it’s made of soft material that feels like rubber. It’s durable and flexible so you would feel comfortable wearing it at night. The hinge will enable the mouth to open without losing hold of the device so you can even talk or drink without worrying that the mouthpiece will fall off.

Zquiet’s manufacturer offers a 30-day trial so that users will have sufficient time to test the product. When you purchase it, you only need to pay $10 so that the item will be shipped to you. You only need to pay within 30 days if you’re happy with the results.

Real Zquiet Customer Reviews

“My Zquiet package arrived yesterday and I’m amazed with its design. It’s like a double mouthguard that comes with a hinge. My husband (whom I bought this product for) tried it on and he said it’s not uncomfortable at all. In fact he could breathe properly while wearing it. That night he didn’t snore one bit and I was so happy because I slept through the night. Still on day 1 with Zquiet and I am already quite impressed. My husband’s very happy with it too!”

-Janette Y.

“The first few nights of using Zquiet I had soreness in my teeth and jaw. However, after a few nights the problem was gone. I admit it was a bit uncomfortable to wear but I guess this is true with all snoring devices. I can’t really say because this is my first time to try one. At this point I can say that my Zquiet device is a keeper. I wouldn’t trade it for a customized piece of plastic that cost $400+ at the dentist’s office. I’m sure that one would be more comfortable but why spend a fortune when I can get a great device that works, for just $70 or less?”

-Ben T.

Tips for Users of Zquiet

If this is your first time to try Zquiet, take note that when you close your mouth, the device will be pushed down and its structure will enable your mouth to open so you can breathe normally. You may find it strange and uncomfortable at first but after a few nights with it, you will adjust nicely. Unlike most snoring devices, Zquiet does not cause soreness in the jaw or mouth although you may experience it at the beginning.

Unlike other mouthpieces, the hinge will not cause problems. You can breathe naturally through the device without any difficulty at all. In addition, you can just remove the product the moment it arrives and use it right away. No need for a boil and bite procedure like other snoring products.

Final Verdict

I’ve tested hundreds of snoring devices and in my opinion, Zquiet is among the best in the market. It has helped countless people get rid of their snoring problem. If you snore every night, this is one product you should try.

If you would like to view my other recommendations, check them out HERE. Everything you need to know about a particular snoring device can be found in my reviews.

Can Vitalsleep Really Stop Snoring? The Truth Revealed Here

December 18, 2015

Can Vitalsleep Really Stop Snoring The Truth Revealed HereYear after year, the sleep aid industry just keeps getting bigger and bigger with the rising number of people needing better quality sleep. Some people hardly get to sleep 7 to 8 hours every night, and there are also those who sleep at least 8 hours a day but still wake up tired as if they hardly slept at all.


There are many reasons that can be attributed to this. For a lot of people, snoring is the culprit. They get to bed early but wake up several times in the night because of their snoring. There are now many products in the market that promise to help people get a good night’s sleep. One such product is known as the Vitalsleep snoring mouthpiece.


This product has received clearance from the FDA in January 2010. It’s a mandibular advancement device or MAD and has been classified as a class II anti-snoring device. You can just it using a hex tool that comes with the package. It’s made of a US-produced thermoplastic material and the product itself was developed in Dupont. It is also free from BPA and latex which can be toxic to your body.


Vitalsleep comes in two sizes: small and regular. Women should opt for a small size Vitalsleep while men should choose regular size. It takes the boil and bite concept in which you need to boil the product to soften it and then bite it so that it fits your mouth. It follows the shape and ridges of your own teeth and enables breathing through the mouth. It has a hole at the front so that air can pass through.


Just like other MADs, Vitalsleep works by keeping the lower jaw in a forward position. Your tongue will be pulled forward so that the airway will have no obstructing, thereby preventing you from snoring.


Vitalsleep was developed by David Hernandez who founded a company called Snore Reliever which is based in New York. They were registered in 2010 however it wasn’t until January 2012 that Vitalsleep became popular.


Mr. Hernandez graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy in 1999. He, together with Richard Koffler MD created Vitalsleep. Dr. Koffler graduated from Tel Aviv University and has extensive experience in the field of rehabilitation and medicine.


Mr. Hernandez himself was a heavy snorer and what prompted him to create his own snoring device was when he spent close to $3,000 in a device prescribed by his dentist and it was damaged the first time he tried to use it.


My Vitalsleep Review


I received my first Vitalsleep device a few days ago and immediately read the instructions that came with the package. I used it that same night. Creating a custom impression took no more than a few minutes and then I used the hex tool that came with it in order to adjust the lower tray.


Here’s what you need to do based on my experience:


  1. Make sure the upper and lower trays were aligned properly. If they’re not, you should use the hex tool so you can adjust the lower tray. You will find some indicator marks on each side.


  1. Insert the fitting handle and snapped it firmly in place. If you have difficulty snapping the handle, then that means yours is upside down. Just turn it over and try again.


  1. You will then need to boil 2 cups of water and afterwards submerged the mouthpiece for about 10 seconds. Make sure it’s not overheated.


  1. Take out the device from the hot water and then look for the triangle stamped in the mouth guard’s interior on the upper tray. Place the mouthguard inside your mouth, bite gently for 15 seconds.


  1. Take out the device and rinse for half a minute with cold running water. After it has cooled down, take out the handle and make sure it fits you well.


  1. Use the hex tool to move the lower tray. You can also adjust it later on.


The entire process took about 2-3 minutes and it was a breeze. In my experience, it fitted perfectly the first time and I was all set.


First 7 Days


Even on the first night of using Vitalsleep, I had no problems whatsoever. It fitted me well. My wife said she didn’t hear me snore at all and I woke up feeling completely rested. I did notice that the device needs a bit of adjusting which was easy by the way. I used the hex tool to move the lower tray and adjusted the screw.


6 nights later, things were still going great. I have been able to sleep soundly and didn’t snore (according to my wife). IMO the device is very comfy and I have not experienced any side effects like drooling or irritation in my gums, which is common in many boil and bite products.


I’ve tried numerous mouthguards, devices and other snoring remedies. Yet I am quite impressed with Vitalsleep as it does a really good job of helping me sleep soundly and comfortably too.


Vitalsleep Price


Back in 2010, the Vitalsleep price was $40 but today, you can get 2 for just $59.95 which, if you do the math, is 25% cheaper than its original price. You can also get free replacements within 1 year and you don’t even have to pay for shipping.

Vitalsleep Cons

Although I never had any problems when I first started using Vitalsleep, I’ve heard some people complain of jaw soreness. Also, some have complained that the device is rather difficult to clean due to its shape. Plus, if you have a habit of grinding your teeth when you sleep, then the device will wear out quickly.


Vitalsleep is a newcomer in the industry but it has proven itself to be better than most of its competitors. What’s great about this device is that it comes in two sizes and has the option to be adjusted so that it will fit your mouth.

Moreover, the breathing holes are definitely a plus especially for people who suffer from respiratory problems and can’t breathe through their nose. In my opinion, this is the best adjustable MAD that you can buy for just $30.

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee when you buy Vitalsleep and it also has free replacements on your first year of buying it. It’s no doubt the perfect anti snoring solution – it’s comfortable, adjustable and affordable too. Give it a try and you will be thrilled with the results for sure!

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How Reliable are Zquiet Reviews? Get the Answers Right HERE!

December 16, 2015

How Reliable are Zquiet Reviews Get the Answers Right HERESnoring is something everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. However, if you are a frequent snorer, then it can be a problem not just for you but for everyone you live with.

Frequent snorers often get very little sleep. That’s why they are more irritable and tired during the day. They also become less productive at work. Over time, this inability to sleep properly at night can lead to health problems and also weaken the body’s immune system making the person prone to sickness.

It’s for all these reasons that a person who snores regularly should seek a solution.

You can find plenty of effective snoring solutions in the market. They are in the form of sprays, drugs and strips. But while these treatments are pretty common, there are also options that aren’t medical by nature. One good example is Zquiet.

Many Zquiet reviews claim that this product is the most effective treatment they’ve tried. But of course, we can’t always believe everything we hear and read, right? Our goal now is to determine just how reliable these Zquiet reviews really are.

Why Use Zquiet

Zquiet, unlike common snoring solutions like drugs and sprays, is very easy to use. It gives you maximum comfort when you use it and enables you to get a good night’s sleep.

Zquiet is made of soft rubber material and is designed to allow your mouth to move freely even if the device is inside. This revolutionary technology took many years of research to ensure the user’s comfort when they sleep.

Such technology is known as the Living Hinge Technology which makes it possible for the mouth to move without any problem when you sleep. So, users won’t feel or notice any discomfort. Unlike other mouthpieces for snoring, it doesn’t put your jaw in a clenched position.

The purpose of Zquiet is to help users sleep better at night and it’s does this job superbly. It has been OK’d for use by the FDA to treat snoring, a clear indicator that it is effective and safe for use. And tons of Zquiet reviews online seem to support this.

The premise of Zquiet is similar to the model used by dentists over the last 25 years to solve problems related to snoring: widening the airspace in our mouth. The only difference is that Zquiet is much more affordable and does not require visits to your dentist.

Those who want to use Zquiet are given a trial period of 30 days to ensure that they experience its effects. So if it doesn’t work for them on the first month then they don’t have to pay for the product. It is this “stop snoring immediately” claim that makes Zquiet very much in demand. It’s also one of the reasons why more and more people are now opting for this product instead of the usual snoring solutions.

What Zquiet Customers Say

Here are some excerpts of actual customer reviews after they’ve bought and tried Zquiet:

“Mind-blowing…I bought Zquiet just to appease my wife who was bugging me to buy it but I didn’t really expect much from it. I thought it was just another hyped up product and nothing else. But I was wrong. On the first night I used this product I didn’t snore at all. My wife was so happy because she was finally able to sleep through the night. We both feel more rested and energized and our marriage has been so much better since. Thanks to Zquiet.”

– John Goldstein

“I’ve been using Zquiet for 7 days now and it works. I was diagnosed with a potentially dangerous condition called severe obstructive sleep apnea and after I joined a sleep study program at Kaiser Medical Center, I had no choice but to buy a CPAP machine which costs a fortune. However, I found it to be very inconvenient since I travel a lot for work. Then I heard about Zquiet and decided to give it a try. Works like a charm. I did have to make a bit of an adjustment on the first couple of nights but now I’m perfectly happy with it.”

-Gracie Mollins

Zquiet: What to Keep in Mind

Zquiet reviews that you can find online often talks about the ease of application when using this product. Users do not need to prepare anything or set up the device to fit them. All that is needed is to take the device from the package and then just put it inside your mouth prior to sleeping.

Some people have said that it has a bad fit for them. But keep in mind that snoring begins at the throat or back of the lower jaw. That means you need to position Zquiet in a way that it can push the lower jaw so as to expand the airway.

Zquiet comes only in one size and so you need to ensure it is positioned properly so it will work and give you the results you want.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Based on the numerous customer reviews written about Zquiet on the Web, it’s not hard to see that this product does work and would be an excellent option if you want to get rid of your snoring problem.

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aveoTSD Tongue Stabilizing Device: Everything You Should Know About This Snoring Mouthpiece

December 14, 2015

aveoTSD Tongue Stabilizing Device Everything You Should Know About This Snoring MouthpieceToday, the most widely used anti-snoring mouthpiece devices are MADs or Mandibular Advancement Devices. However, tongue stabilizing devices like aveoTSD are quickly becoming popular. If you’ve seen one of these devices, you’ll understand why people are choosing them. They’re definitely a nicer alternative compared to large and bulky mouthpieces. Moreover, they’re easy to use, barely intrusive and also very effective in controlling mild to moderate snoring. If you wear dentures, this option may even be more suitable for you.

Understanding How aveoTSD Works

aveoTSD is a one size fits all device made of medical grade silicone. That means you don’t need to trim or mold it to fit your mouth. You can use it as soon as it arrives. There’s no need for you to create an impression of your teeth and then fit the device in your mouth before you can wear it. TSDs are designed to attach to your tongue and will rest on the external portion of your lips. Its purpose is to prevent the tongue from falling to the back of your throat so that the airway is not obstructed. It will pull your tongue forward when you sleep.

In order to be able to attach the device you need to rinse it with hot water. Afterwards, stick the tip of your tongue to the bulb and press gently. Doing so will create a suction that will ensure the device stays in your tongue. The suction will get stronger when the bulb is squeezed. As much as possible, try to look for a comfortable position – one that is snug enough but not overly tight. Should the device fall off, just increase the pressure simply by squeezing the bulb.

Unlike other products in the market, aveoTSD has been clinically proven to work. Dr. Chris Robertson who hails from New Zealand was the one who created this device and he himself is a dental sleep medicine professional. He has done numerous clinical studies on this product over the course of several years to ensure that it’s really effective. It has in fact been compared to the MAD in several studies to determine which one works better. It was found that aveoTSD is just as effective as a good MAD in reducing snoring.

aveoTSD Cons

There are also some downsides to the aveoTSD but this is true for any snoring solution available in the market. Users have reported that they have difficulty sleeping when they first started using the device and they also experienced soreness in the tongue. This is likely to happen on your first 3-5 days of using aveoTSD but as you become more accustomed to the device, such issues will disappear.

In addition, you are likely to have difficulty attaching the device to your tongue in the first few nights. It will probably slip off often. But again, as you get used to wearing this, you will be able to prevent such problems later on.

Those who tend to have difficulty breathing through their nose may also have a difficult time adjusting to aveoTSD or any TSD for that matter.

Adjustments to this product have been made through the years to ensure the user’s comfort. First, the thickness of the silicone has been reduced to just 0.4mm to make it comfortable for you to use this device. This change was made in 2009 so make sure to buy only aveoTSD that was manufactured from 2009 onwards.

Can aveoTSD Treat Sleep Apnea?

People who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea are often prescribed a CPAP machine to treat their condition. But they complain that they feel very dependent to the machine and it can be very inconvenient when they have to travel because they have to bring it with them.

Some sleep apnea sufferers have used TSDs and have reportedly been successful at preventing the condition from recurring when they sleep. Although this is certainly a possibility, you may want to check with your primary care doctor first to determine if it’s a good substitute. Your doctor might need to conduct a sleep study using a TSD to determine if it’s effective for you or not.

How Much Does aveoTSD Cost?

The price of aveoTSD varies depending on where you buy it. The range is between $90 to $140. In the United States and other countries where the manufacturer doesn’t sell directly due to laws prohibiting its sale, you can always resort to other options including Good Morning Snore Solution which is something I would personally recommend.

Honestly, I haven’t tried aveoTSD at all. However, I did try Good Morning Snore Solution which is similar and it works very well.

Questions to Ask Before Making a Purchase

Before buying a snoring device, you should first ask yourself if you can breathe with ease through your nose when you sleep. That’s because using aveoTSD if you can’t breathe through your nose properly when sleeping is not recommended. You can’t breathe through your mouth using this device.


The aveoTSD has key features that I really like. First of all, it works well without being bulky. It’s also been approved by the FDA and has been proven effective by users and its manufacturer who happens to be a sleeping disorder doctor.

The only main concern is that people who have sinus problems will have a hard time using it, if at all. I’m rating this product a 4.5 stars which is great and would definitely recommend it.

For those who live in the US or other places where aveoTSD is not sold, please check out GMSS which was also created by a doctor and given the green light by health regulatory agencies in the US, Canada and Australia.

Questions and Answers on How to Use Snoring Mouthpieces in a Safe and Effective Way

December 12, 2015

Questions and Answers on How to Use Snoring Mouthpieces in a Safe and Effective WayI have compiled a list of commonly asked questions related to snoring mouthpiece use. I made sure this list is comprehensive and covers all questions that frequent snorers ask or would like to ask, including those who’ve had some dental work done.

Can I Use a Snoring Device After I Get Some Dental Work Done?

First off, snorers who wear mouthguards might be a little concerned that this device may affect their dental work. So let’s address this matter first. If you’ve had partial or full dentures, or have had tooth crowning, then MADs or mandibular adjustment devices might come in handy for you.

MADs are designed to push your lower jaw forward and as a result, your lower set of teeth will slightly move forward as well. Doing so will tighten the muscles in your throat and prevent sounds from vibrating in the area. Some snorers tend to snore because their throat muscles are loose hence the need for MADs.
However, if you have loose or missing teeth then this device would not be suitable for you because you would need to bite them to keep them in place. Take note though that will I don’t recommend MAD if you have loose teeth, there are those people who have the same issue but have no problems whatsoever using snoring mouthpieces.

Is It Safe to Use A Snoring Mouthpiece If I’m Using Dentures?

For those who have full dentures, you may refrain from using a mouthpiece. Just like in the above explanation, the device will require some biting force. However, those who only have partial dentures should not have any issues wearing a snoring mouthpiece. But to be safe, just consult your dentist about the matter.

Can I Use a Snoring Device If I Have Crowns and/or Bridges?

For dental work done on the teeth at the back of your mouth, using a snoring mouthpiece would not pose any problem as long as your teeth and gums are healthy.

I Don’t Feel Very Comfortable with My Jaws Being Pushed Forward… Is There an Alternative?

The good news is – yes there are other alternatives. You can use TSDs or tongue stabilizing devices which are quite effective as well. I would personally recommend Good Morning Snore Solutions which is effective in controlling snoring by preventing your tongue from rolling backwards. TSDs look like pacifiers actually that you place outside the lips. At first wearing it would feel a bit strange but over time, you’ll become accustomed to it.

Is It Possible to Choke When Wearing a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece?

Before you use any product that you will put inside your mouth, you have to carefully read and follow the instructions. Never use it without first consulting the manual. And if something is confusing, you should contact the support hotline or at least check the Internet for information. While it is highly unlikely that you will choke on a snoring mouthpiece, there’s never any guarantee that you won’t. Your best bet is to pick products that have been approved by the FDA or a similar agency that operates in your country. By doing so, you’re assured that the product has undergone safety tests and passed. Also, choose a mouthpiece that has plenty of positive reviews from real users. You can find these reviews on eBay, Amazon and similar sites. Stay away from inferior quality products or those with hardly any reviews – no matter how cheap they are. That’s because it’s very possible that these products have not undergone any rigorous testing and could be potentially dangerous.

Can Stop Snoring Mouthpieces Cure Sleep Apnea?

You need to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnea if you suspect you’re suffering from the condition. You can check the article I’ve written about the topic on this page to get a more in-depth explanation.

Is It OK to Use Sports Mouthguards Instead of an Anti Snoring Mouthpiece?

While both are technically mouthpieces, that’s the only thing that’s similar between sports mouthguards and anti snoring mouthpieces. You see, sports mouthguards have been designed to fit your upper set of teeth while snoring mouthpieces fit both upper and lower sets of teeth. Anti snoring devices are designed to push the lower jaw forward so as to tighten the muscles in your throat. Sports mouthguards on the other hand are unable to do the same thing and are thus unable to solve your snoring problem.

Can I Trust Websites Selling Snoring Mouthpieces?

I’ve written numerous reviews on snoring mouthpieces so I strongly recommend that you check out my comparison charts HERE to find out which products actually work. I would suggest that you go through the claims that the manufacturer or merchant has made.

Take a look at some word play that these companies are trying to pull on us:

  1. FDA Approved Material vs FDA Approved Product

Both terms are not the same and yet some people are easily misled thinking that the device they are buying is actually approved by the FDA. Make sure you know the difference between the two.

  1. Customer Satisfaction vs Product Effectiveness

Manufacturers claim they have a 98% customer satisfaction rate but the truth is that, 98% of their customers did not return the product they bought. It doesn’t always mean all of them were happy with the product or that what they bought worked for them. Most of the time, the actual success rate is about 80%. No snoring mouthpiece works for everyone but it is still a very viable alternative to the custom mouthpieces you can get from your doctor’s office which can be very expensive.

  1. Clinically Proven vs Proven Effective

Understand that a lot of these products have not gone through clinical testing to determine how effective they are. That’s because they have mostly been developed by small companies that have just started out. Make sure you watch out for these claims before making a purchase.

There are still other questions that snorers tend to ask if they’re considering buying an anti snoring mouthpiece. But to learn more about such devices, you may want to spend a few minutes to read some of my product reviews and mouthpiece recommendations for those that I have personally tried and tested.